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Logistics Managment Software

logistics software

Why "eCount" Logistics Managment Software ?

  • Logistics software with Accounting Facility that is easy to use and flexible.
  • eCount Software is windows based solution, for Logistics companies, which integrates with all the standard Microsoft tools.
  • Aimed at Cargo, Full Load, Logistic Transport, Fleet Owner & Transport Contractors
  • Anytime Client Can upgrade software Offline to Our Online Version
  • Scalable from Small Logistics to Large Logistics
  • You Don't have to understand Complex Logistics Terms. Work faster, Can Work from any where and save time

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Expence Management

Costs and challenges for running Logistics business increases by each passing day. To run Logistics operations efficiently, we have designed it to maximize operational efficiencies and minimize cost to help your business grow.
  • Book expenses incurred in a round trip including driver allowances.
  • Compare cash advance with expenses incurred and allocate balances to accounting ledgers.
  • Calculate days spent to complete a round trip and compare them with revenues generated to get income per day.
  • Provide opening and closing odometer reading and get mileage returned by the vehicle to complete a round trip.
  • Get cost managed by categories like diesel, tyres, lubricants, repairs etc. and compare them with revenues generated by each vehicle to get profitability.
  • Get vehicle expenses based on spare parts and thus monitor aging vehicles.

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Generate professional Freight invoices

  • Multiple options to filter trips for freight invoice generation.
  • Create freight invoice with detention charges or generate a separate invoice for detention charges.
  • Create freight invoice with expenses incurred on behalf of party or create separate debit note for the same.
  • Choose invoice format from wide range of pre-installed templates or let us create one as per your specification and print them on plain, headed or pre-printed paper.
  • Supports multiple formats for invoice printing.
  • Get complete control over invoice nos. i.e. either same sequence can be allocated to each invoice or parallel sequence can be generated for different invoices.
  • eCount automatically ensures each trip is only billed once.

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Financial Accounting

eCount covers all the accounting and financial requirements of a Logistics business. You will love ability to drill into original transaction whenever it occurs without having to navigate in and out of modules.
  • Manage receipts, payments, journals and contras.
  • Manage debit notes and credit notes.
  • Manage cash and fund flow.
  • Manage bills receivables and bills payables.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Voucher Printing
  • Cheque Printing

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Workshop Management

eCount helps you manage workshop and maintenance operations to ensure you meet the regulatory and safety standards for all vehicles in the most cost efficient and well planned way.
  • Track maintenance history of each and every vehicle and generate detailed reports with accurate costs.
  • System predicts when the maintenance needs to be carried out based on odometer or date information from vehicle’s master data.
  • A fully integrated stock control system keeps parts and individual stock records; including stock of old tyres.
  • Reduce administrative cost to manage compliance.

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Get insights from your business

The eCount reporting suite includes wide range of reports that help you set real time goals and track the right metrics. It helps you assess, compare, summarize and scrutinize performance and gives you a quick view of the most critical data.

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Comparison Reports

The eCount reporting suite includes wide range of reports that help you set real time goals and track the right metrics. It helps you assess, compare, summarize and scrutinize performance and gives you a quick view of the most critical data.

  • Compare income as against expenses incurred during a trip in trip-wise income register.
  • Vehicle Statement lets you compare revenues generated by a vehicle during a said period as against expenses incurred through Trip Expense, Fuel consumption, Tyres, Spares, Repairs and Lubricants, to identify profitable and loss making vehicles.
  • Comparison report lets you compare income generated from a hired vehicle as against expenses incurred in hiring, to calculate commission income.

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Inventory Reports

  • Reports on Stock Summary, Movement and vouchers.
  • Stock Inward and Outward Registers.
  • Tyre consumption report

Video Tutorials For Software

Here are some Video Tutorials For Logistics Software, Where We guide how to install the software and how you can operate Software as Entry level and Reporting Level. Basic rough guidline which help to understand eCount Logistics Software.. more assist you can contact our support number any time..


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