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Lead Management

Lead Management

Organize Leads & Prioritize Opportunities

    Track your leads from click to conversion using eCount. Capture leads from various sources, track their touch points, identify which ones to prioritize and engage with prospective clients better.

    Manage all your lead records in one centralized database. Track and score leads, view communication history, create segmented lists, streamline outreach, and more.

Saleman GPS Traking

Manage leads efficiently with powerful lead management software

  • Lack of visibility into leads
  • Contact Activity & Company Insights
  • Segment and nurture leads, and grow your database.
  • See every detail about a lead in one timeline
  • Stop juggling your lead tracking across multiple tools
  • There may be numerous lead generation campaigns across your company but the exact number of leads and revenue you get from these efforts are difficult to track.With lead management tools, you can easily track marketing. Measuring results using reports is a sign of efficient lead management, and a good lead management software can help you achieve that.


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