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Job Cards

Significance of Vehicle Job card within fleet management software

    Is it too difficult for you to handle the logistics of services offered by your business ? In that case, having a job card would make fleet management simpler than before. Using a job card management system on your fleet management software, you can easily track your work orders. By doing so, you can effectively handle the workflow throughout the supply chain while putting out reminders for upcoming services. This leads to efficient management of repairs while processing them effectively. Moreover, with this job card, you would have complete control over your fleet and inventory. Talking about some of the features of job card management would help you get a better understanding of its significance.

Task management

    The job cards are known for helping the fleet business keep track of tasks that are supposed to be performed on a vehicle. This comprises routine maintenance, repairs, inspections, and other required specifications. With the help of job cards, the necessary workload is clearly defined so that workers can handle their part of the responsibility efficiently.

Task management
Efficient resource allocation

Efficient resource allocation

    Another characteristic of vehicle job cards is their significance in handling resources related to completing tasks efficiently. This means that by looking through the job cards, you can understand which parts, tools, and hours need to be spent on a consignment. Meanwhile, handling resources efficiently will make it easier for you to keep the supply chains operating smoothly.

Real-time tracking

    Vehicle Job cards also provide the feature of tracking the progress of work on a real-time basis. Therefore, it makes it easier for managers to find whether the tasks given to workers are completed, pending, or on standby. This would help you get an insight into job progress while not being present on the site yourself.


    Job cards are turning out to be a revolution in fleet management software due to their efficiency in optimizing repair and maintenance work.

Real-time tracking


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