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What are the importance of the Logistics Management System in E-commerce Businesses?


The introduction of eCommerce in the 2000s was an alien concept, but when people were following the technology, it gradually became used by all. When the pandemic occurred, this concept was on the rise, even many businesses came into the e-commerce industry on a global scale.

As per the recent survey, it is found that 13%-17% of the growth has been recorded and will be the same with the continuing shopping trends. In the current scenario, people have now become fond of shopping online and enjoying the comfortable delivery experience on their doorstep. However, logistics has also played an important role in running the ecosystem of e-commerce.

Major Challenges Faced in the Modern eCommerce World in Terms of Logistics

Amazon has set the trend of same-day delivery, and this makes people want another e-commerce platform as well. These are the main logistical obstacles that businesses must overcome, though not all businesses can achieve this.

Same-day Delivery- As customers desire the fastest deliveries with quality products, if any e-commerce company fails to do so, then there is a loss of customers. With the number of processes taking place behind processing a single order, same-day delivery is not that easy, but with logistic software, it is possible.

Identifying a Reliable Logistics Partner- As there are a huge number of orders that come into a growing business, it turns out to be a costly affair to handle in a logistic business with limited drivers. Identifying a reliable logistics partner with affordable rates and faster services becomes a challenge at times.

End-to-End Visibility of Orders- The Millenial and Gen-Z groups of people don’t have much patience when it comes to their online delivery. A transparent view of the movement is a must when it is related to the movement of the order through multiple hubs and milestones. However, a lack of clarity about the order status can cost valuable customers.

Lack of Understanding about the Advanced Technologies Used for Logistics- If you don’t have much understanding of the latest technology updates and trends, selecting an appropriate tech partner gets difficult. Having professional guidance is what helps you make the most of these technological advancements for your eCommerce business.

Finding a Suitable Logistics Management Software- Because there are so many options available on the market with varying features, selecting the best options for your eCommerce business takes careful consideration.

Importance of Logistics Management Software for the eCommerce Industry:

Placing the order from the customer and receiving it at their doorstep involves lots of processes that require technology to get help. With an appropriate logistic management system, eCommerce businesses can streamline various functions, conveniently get a bird’s eye view of all deliveries, and keep customers informed at all times.

Below, we have mentioned some of the major offerings of logistic management software for ecommerece businesses:

Order Management System: From order placement to routing and tracking, once the order leaves the center, having an Order Management System (OMS) can automate everything in a simplified way to lessen the manual intervention. Having an OMS greatly helps in building an omnichannel approach.

Transport Management System: Tracking the intricacies of routing deliveries for ecommerce businesses is a cumbersome task, as they also think they will get the product delivered in a quick span of time. Relying on the Transport Management System (TMS) can help in managing costs while determining the most suitable route.

Warehouse Management System: When you are thinking of getting a logistic management solution for your ecommerce business, you should primarily choose the warehouse management system. By doing so, money that would have been spent on pick-and-pack alternatives is saved, and orders are fulfilled smoothly and efficiently.

Convenience for Shippers and Dispatchers: Logistic management software offers you end-to-end visibility of orders and operations. It becomes highly convenient for shippers as well as dispatchers to get a clear picture, save costs in different ways, save time due to automated processes, and enjoy a wide range of options to experiment with while regarding customer experience.

Third-party Logistics Carrier Integration: Different logistic management system usually offer in-built third party logistics carrier integration, where one can integrate a carrier of their preference depending on factors like costs and the type of service provided. eCommerce businesses can easily choose a suitable carrier from the available list and start shipping seamlessly.

Below are the reasons why you should choose Ecount Software as logistics management software for your eCommerce business:

We, at Ecount Softwares, not only prioritize clear functions but also hustle hard to offer a better end-customer experience. All credit goes to AI-enabled technology and insights from our team of passionate industry professionals.

- Easy integration with carriers for third-party logistics 
- Auto-allocation for quicker delivery 
- The ability to easily use and keep an eye on internal drivers 
- Single view of multiple deliveries at once
- Seamless transportation management system
- Time and expense savings through automated routing
- Ability to scale and adapt using AI-enabled technology
- Increased client satisfaction through quicker deliveries

You must ask yourself these questions before you determine a suitable logistics management software for your business.

- Is my eCommerce business and team fit to handle logistics internally?
- Do I have the instruments and resources required to satisfy customer demands?
- Will I be able to handle the order surge with in-house drivers?

Once you’ve answered all these questions, you’ll understand if a logistics management system can benefit your business or not. Furthermore, if you’ve determined to appoint Ecount Software as your logistics partner, just contact our team of experts, and we will be there to help you deliver a fine customer experience.


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