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8 Features That Your Freight Forwarding Software Must Have


The best freight software should comprise all those features that provide ease to freight forwarding. The freight brokerage software must have functions of documentation, communication, creating clients, and suppliers, invoice management, reports, finance, payroll, etc. Furthermore, make certain that the technology is up to date and updated frequently. Some essential features include:

1. Real-time Container Tracking

The function of having a container API in freight software will offer you real-time container tracking. It allows the customer to review and track the information smoothly and quickly and also ensures that details are correct and updated. 

2. Report Generation

If you have a freight forwarding business, documentation and reporting are different chores that can’t be overlooked. You must ensure that freight forwarding software is efficient and capable enough to track tasks before you install it no matter whether the purpose is for storing all reports or emailing documents from within. The software should also allow for the direct printing of manual bills of entry and shipping bills at the same time. 

3. Cloud-based Solution

Managing your freight forwarding business gets difficult when you are on the go. Fortunately, cloud-based freight forwarding solutions permit you to remote access and manage workflows from any location with an internet connection!

4. Invoice Management 

Your freight forwarding software should include an advanced invoice management tool that allows faster invoice processing and eliminates costly human error. 

5. Intuitive and User-friendly

Freight brokerage software should not be very complex, and it should be easy to use as time should not be consumed much. It will be frustrating if employees and customers get frustrated by using it and ultimately, it hampers productivity. With a user-friendly interface, people can have an enjoyable experience by using a freight forwarding system, which gets things done quickly. In this instance, resistance to technology is substantially lower. 

6. Live Alerts and Notifications 

Freight forwarding is all about efficiency and accuracy, so you must go for software that helps your business stay on top of its game. Your client gets the feature to track the shipments in real-time with alerts sent by default so that they understand the changes or need attention at all points during the shipment process, from the point of pickup right down through delivery.  

7. Customer Service 

This software makes your operations easier by providing good service by offering support when you require it the most. Ideally, your software provider should have an easy-to-use ticketing system so that users can quickly and effectively contact them in the event that an issue arises with their goods or services!

8. Scalability

Since the market is expanding quickly, the software you choose needs to be extremely scalable. As your business expands, it ought to expand too. To put it briefly, the software ought to meet both your present and future requirements.


You must get started with the freight forwarding software that best fits your business requirements. It would be best if you get an easy-to-use, customized, multi-modal logistics solution, that is also highly scalable as and when your business grows. 

Not to add, these SaaS solutions are the most user-friendly, intuitive, and least complicated to implement. Medium-sized and smaller businesses can now more easily and affordably optimize their supply chain efficiencies.


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